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The subject of our Brand Keys Note comes from the 1939 poster produced by the British government to raise the morale of the British public when they were threatened by mass air attacks.

Now our world is threatened by another kind of attack. One that’s impossible to ignore. The devastation of the coronavirus crisis with compulsory social safe-distancing and sheltering in-place, accompanied by the unremitting washing of hands. With shuttered restaurants and bars and empty supermarket and pharmacy shelves as glaring reminders of an invisible adversary. All accompanied by a massive paradigm shift in consumers’ social and economic interactions.

In light of the new economic rubric, we at Brand Keys are determined to keep calm and carry on too.

So far 90 U.S. retailers have shut stores due to the COVID-19 crisis. Consumers – seeking to avoid public places – have upshifted to online. Online sales are up 50% YOY. Online shopping is up 12% since the coronavirus began. For the near-term, those numbers will only grow. The quick shift in consumer behavior means retailers need to shift quickly too.

The best retailer-shift? Shoppable posts. How? We offer up our “carry-on” recommendation to brands that appeared in a recent issue of Quirks.

We also offer up our profuse thanks

To overworked and under-resourced doctors, nurses and paramedics.

To supermarket and pharmacy employees who deal with long lines and the relentless replenishment of shelves.

To first responders who put all of us before fear.

To teachers who fire up laptops from kitchen tables.

To chefs who fire up kitchens for take-out.

And those who deliver food to our homes, our markets and our drug stores.

To those who clean up, and those who show up, and all those who volunteer.

Thank you. Gracias. Spasibo. Danken.

To all of you – our friends and family and our neighbor, our clients and our colleagues – be well, be safe, be healthy. Keep calm and carry on.

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