M&M’S ‘rebrands’ as Ma&Ya’s as Super Bowl stunt unfolds via Maya Rudolph teaser ads

M&M'S continues to roll out its Super Bowl stunt with a faux announcement that the candy will get a new name – and a makeover inspired by its new spokesperson. Robert Passikoff says that perhaps the brand is relying on the old adage that any press is good press. By Kendra Clark, The Drum.

Posted 2023-01-27

Hyundai Continues To Rank Tops In Loyalty For Good Reasons

Hyundai Motor America has ranked first in customer loyalty in the automotive industry for 14 consecutive years, according to the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. By Tanya Gazdik, MediaPost DriveTime

Posted 2023-01-23

What Keeps Senior Marketers Up at Night?

Senior marketers say demands for ROI, work-from-home issues, and the macroeconomic concerns are among the many work worries that keep them up at night, according to recent research from Brand Keys. By Ayaz Nanji, MarketingProfs.

Posted 2023-01-19

Loyal Consumers Stick by Retailers in Uncertain Times

This year the loyalty drivers in 91% of the 110 categories tracked (a total of 987 brands) in Brand Keys’ "Customer Loyalty Engagement Index" have fundamentally changed. By Elizabeth Christenson, Retail Leader.

Posted 2023-01-17

Loyalty360 Reads: Brand Keys Identifies New Model for Brand Loyalty, McDonald’s Launches Exclusive Clothing, and More

Brand Keys Identifies a New Model for Brand Loyalty. Brand Keys determined a new type of normal for brand loyalty, according to the 2023 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. This new normal relies on personalization to address the gap between consumer desire and brand delivery. In Daily News, Loyalty 360.

Posted 2023-01-10

Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index Finds Seismic Changes in Loyalty Rankings

Shifts in the order of product/service category loyalty drivers in nearly all (91%) of the 110 categories with 987 brands tracked have fundamentally changed the face of brand loyalty, radically widening gap between customer desire and brand delivery, according to the 26th annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI), conducted by Brand Keys. By Editor, The Customer.

Posted 2023-01-10

Loyalty Shake-Up: Trader Joe's, Disney+ and Levi Strauss On Top

According to Brand Keys’ latest Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, customer loyalty is undergoing a massive sea change, with 95% of brands showing significant “expectation gaps.” By Sarah Mahoney, Marketing Daily, MediaPost.

Posted 2023-01-09

The ‘shocking’ shift in brand loyalty drivers, per Brand Keys’ Customer Loyalty Engagement Index

The new report, which assessed nearly 1,000 brands, highlights the primacy of emotion-based purchases in the post-pandemic marketplace. By Webb Wright, The Drum.

Posted 2023-01-09

Retailers fire off more emails than ever trying to get you to shop

"Retailers’ interest in reaching the consumer has always been intense," said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys. "But the pandemic exacerbated the push for app and email notifications as more people moved to online shopping." By Dawn Fillik, The Washington Post.

Posted 2022-12-22

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour ticket fiasco ‘reinforces the value of her brand,’ per experts

Utter chaos ensued during the ticket rollout for Taylor Swift’s forthcoming ‘Eras’ tour. Will the blunder blemish the popstar’s brand? The Drum tapped marketing experts to weigh in. By Audrey Kemp, The Drum.

Posted 2022-11-17

Research: Politics Giving Brand CMOs Nightmares

The prevailing conventional wisdom -- that consumers want brands to take a stand on political issues -- is keeping chief marketing officers up at night, according to the 4th annual “Marketing on My Mind” survey from Brand Keys. By Sarah Mahoney, MediaPost MarketingDaily Commentary.

Posted 2022-10-31

Brands Customers Are Abandoning in 2022

To find the brands customers are abandoning, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Leaders List 2022, which provides the loyalty rankings for 100 brands. By Noelle Bye, 24/7 Wall St.

Posted 2022-10-03

Brands See Redistribution of Loyalty

Brand Keys 2022 Loyalty Leaders survey found a significant sorting-out of brands by consumers when it comes to loyalty in the post-pandemic marketplace.

Posted 2022-09-12

Disney+, TikTok and Pfizer Shake Up Loyalty Landscape

After several years of pandemic disruption, brand loyalty finally seems to be sorting itself into a new consumer reality. By Sarah Mahoney, MediaPost MarketingDaily.

Posted 2022-09-12

PR experts react to Capri Sun recall: ‘A lot of questions need to be answered’

Capri Sun juice pouches have been recalled due to possible contamination. Can the brand regain consumer trust? Robert Passikoff says events like this erode consumer trust, and their trust in the brand is where loyalty resides. By Kendra Clark, The Drum.

Posted 2022-08-17

Study Finds 38% Of Brands Already In 'Recession,' Albeit A Loyalty One

The study indicates U.S. brands may be heading into a "recession of brand loyalty" due to the way marketers are dealing with the economic one. It found that 38% of the categories it analyzed have already seen consumer brand loyalty begin to recede. By Joe Mandese, MediaPost DigitalNewsDaily.

Posted 2022-08-02

Ben & Jerry’s sues parent company Unilever; PR pro says the two may reach a breaking point

The social justice-driven ice cream brand is dialing up the heat on an ongoing spat with Unilever over product sales in Israeli-occupied territories. Robert Passikoff weighs in on how the dispute is likely to play out. By Kendra Clark, The Drum.

Posted 2022-07-26

Apple, Amazon, Most Innovative Brands

Consumers have favorite brands for many different reasons. It's no surprise that Apple and Samsung top the list of innovative tech brands. Or that Tesla dominates in automotive, and Amazon leads the way in consumer goods. But other high-performing consumer goods are unexpected, and not nearly as trendy. By Sarah Mahoney, MediaPost MarketingDaily.

Posted 2022-07-18

Jeep Named Top Patriotic Brand

Jeep has been named the “most patriotic” for-profit brand for a 20th year in a row. By Tanya Gazdik, MediaPost MarketingDaily.

Posted 2022-06-30

Brand Keys Report: 20 Years Surveying the Most Patriotic Brands in America

Brand Keys 20th annual survey of American brands has identified the top 50 brands consumers feel best embody the value of “patriotism” in 2022. The Customer

Posted 2022-06-24

Ford to pay $19.2m in false advertising settlement over fuel efficiency claims

Ford is paying up after an investigation found it falsely advertised the fuel economy and payload capacities of two models. By Kendra Clark, The Drum.

Posted 2022-05-24

CMOs' Nightmare Alley: ROI, Private Labels, New Brands

In a new survey of marketing execs, Brand Keys finds that a whopping 30% of marketing executives' worries are due to the pandemic, But the biggest surprise on the list was that “competition from new brands,” was the fifth-most mentioned fear, named by 91% of respondents. By Sarah Mahoney, MediaPost MarketingDaily

Posted 2022-03-08

Study Reveals Mainstream News Trust Waning As Political Fervor And Tribalism Surge

Major mainstream outlets are trending downward, while right-wing outlets are on the rise. By Joe Mandese, MediaPost Marketing: Politics Weekly

Posted 2022-02-16

Hyundai, Avis, Lead Automotive Sector Loyalty

Hyundai, Avis, Lyft and State Farm are among the leaders in loyalty in the automotive sector, according to the 25th Annual Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. By Tanya Gazdik, MediaPost Marketing Daily.

Posted 2022-02-07

Avocados From Mexico and Pepsi most talked about brands ahead of Super Bowl LVI

What’s the formula for winning on social ahead of the big game? By Kendra Clark, The Drum.

Posted 2022-02-01

Discover, Avis, Google, Netflix Generate Decades of Loyalty

Brand Keys just introduced its Loyalty Hall of Fame, with a crop of all-star brands that have dominated their categories since before smartphones. By Sarah Mahoney, MediaPost.

Posted 2022-01-26

Emotion Has Overtaken Reason in Choosing Brands

Brand Keys has been surveying people about brand preference and what drives it for 25 years across more than 4.3 million interviews and has released findings from a meta-analysis of all that data. It shows that emotional factors bypassed rational ones in a big way over time. By Jeff Neff, Ad Age.

Posted 2022-01-24

2021 Client of the Year: Apple

Robert Passikoff believes Apple's latest privacy framework will serve to build on the emotional connection many consumers have with the Apple brand. By Joe Mandese, MediaPost

Posted 2022-01-07

How Emotion Fuels Loyalty For Nike, Netflix, Disney, TikTok

New research from Brand Keys shows a massive shift in how consumers arrive at brand loyalty, with decisions that are increasingly based on emotions rather than any rational consideration. By Sarah Mahoney, MediaPost Marketing Daily.

Posted 2021-12-06

A Longitudinal View of Brand Loyalty Across 25 Years of Data

Robert Passikoff recently announced that he is going to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the "Customer Loyalty and Engagement Index" by opening up his database & methodology to the world. By Mike Giambattista, TheCustomer.

Posted 2021-12-06

Brand Keys to Release Brand Tracking Database

Brand Keys, a provider of brand loyalty and emotional customer engagement research, is set to release a database of predictive brand loyalty metrics.

Posted 2021-12-06

Aaron Rodgers’ State Farm ads might vanish. What’s next for his personal brand?

Robert Passikoff said Rodgers put State Farm in a difficult position because his statements about vaccines undercut the focus of its business. By Daniel Arkin, NBCNews.com

Posted 2021-11-08

Burger King partners with Robinhood to serve up millions in crypto prizes

"To drive people to their restaurants, Burger King has turned to promotions, which exist in its entirety to drive behavior." says Robert Passikoff of BK's newest promotion. By Kenneth Hein, The Drum.

Posted 2021-11-01

New study points to customers redefining brand loyalty

Over the past few months, conventional notions of what drives brand loyalty have been upended by new consumer expectations and needs. In an interview with Judith Aquino for TTEC, Robert Passikoff offers insight into the new loyalty paradigm, including surprising results from his firm’s latest Loyalty Leaders survey. Read the transcript of the interview or listen to it on The CX podcast.

Posted 2021-10-08

Loyalty Leaders 2021: Measuring Consumer Expectations Is All That Matters

The 2021 Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders report was released this week. Wise Marketer connected with Robert Passikoff for additional insights and to get a look behind the numbers. By Wise Marketer Staff

Posted 2021-09-22

No Big Surprises: Amazon, Apple, Netflix Dominate Loyalty Rankings

Brand Keys has just released its annual loyalty ranking, and the biggest news this year is which brands didn’t make the cut. Despite consumers’ widespread willingness to try something new during the pandemic, they remain fiercely loyal to their favorite brands. By Sarah Mahoney, MediaPost Marketing Daily.

Posted 2021-09-20

Why market research deserves a seat at the table

How do we get market research back into the boardroom, back to the decision-making table? By Robert Passikoff

Posted 2021-08-27

Post-COVID 'Normalcy' Hammers TV Network News Trust, Biden's Too

Brand Keys has been conducting for MediaPost for the past several years to identify the contribution the explicit value of "trust" contributes to engagement with media brands, and this survey mainly analyzed TV network news brands. By Joe Mandese, Marketing: Politics Weekly.

Posted 2021-08-09

Achieving Peak Brand Loyalty: Exploring America’s Love Affair with Jeep

What does is take to become (and continue to reign) as Americas's most patriotic brand? We reached out to both Jeep and Brand Keys to get their takes on what's behind the data and what this achievement really means in the minds of consumers. By Mike Giambattista, TheCustomer.

Posted 2021-07-22

A Look at 2021’s Most Patriotic Brands in America

Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, recently spoke with Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, about Brand Keys' annual survey of the Most Patriotic Brands. By Mark Johnson, Loyalty 360.

Posted 2021-07-20

Jeep Bleeds Red, White and Blue More Than Any Other Car Brand, Survey Says

It often takes a Fourth of July holiday to reinforce Jeep’s status as America’s “Most Patriotic Brand,” which has been the case for nearly two full decades. In Brand Keys Most Patriotic Brand survey this year, Jeep edged out second-place Walmart, followed by Disney, Amazon, Ford, The New York Times, American Express, Netflix, Coors, Levi Strauss, Fox News, Coca-Cola, Hershey, MSNBC, and The Washington Post. Ford was the only other car brand to crack the top 10. By Sergiu Tudose, Autoevolution.

Posted 2021-07-05

Media Brands Among America's Most 'Patriotic,' Zoom Suffers From Pandemic Wear-Out

Highlights of the results of the 2021 annual study assessing more than a thousand iconic American brands conducted by Brand Keys. By Joe Mandese, Digital News Daily, MediaPost

Posted 2021-06-21

The 50 Most Patriotic Brands – Jeep, Walmart, Disney, Ford, Amazon Lead

Brand Keys annual survey of iconic American brands has identified those brands that consumers believe best embody the value of "patriotism." Jeep ranked #1 for the 19th straight year! Walmart, Disney, Ford, and Amazon also led the 19th annual 2021 list. BY by Mike Giambattista, TheCustomer.

Posted 2021-06-21

Peloton runs into PR nightmare: here’s what it needs to do next

The exercise equipment brand is sweating after a product recall spurred Wall Street losses. The brand’s reputation is sure to suffer as consumers lose faith in fitness’s golden child. But can Peloton bounce back? Here’s what the experts say it must do. By Kendra Clark, The Drum.

Posted 2021-05-07

100 Days After Leaving the White House, Trump’s Brand Continues to Backslide

A new Brand Keys study reveals losses in value and deteriorating perceptions. By Robert Klara, Adweek.

Posted 2021-05-05

'Trump' Post-Presidency Brand Value Plummets In Every Category

Brand Keys, which has been tracking the value of the Trump brand for more than 30 years, found it has slid in every major category it tracks. By Joe Mandese, MediaPost Marketing: Politics Weekly

Posted 2021-05-03

What now for Johnson & Johnson, as brand-boosting vaccine turns to crisis

Robert Passikoff feels that the intensity of the current news coverage about J & J's covid vacine may be greater and pack more emotional punch than the rational side of what the company has done. By Jack Neff, AdAge.

Posted 2021-04-16

Lyft and Tinder, Lysol and Tripadvisor, Zoom and F1: what’s next in pandemic partnerships?

A new era of pandemic-propelled brand partnerships has arrived. Robert Passikoff says these new crossovers represent a convenient means for brands to extend their reach in a way that’s beneficial to consumers. By Kendra Clark, The Drum.

Posted 2021-04-01

Intel Taps Justin Long, Who Played Mac in Long-Running Apple Ads, to Promote PCs

Justin Long, who in the 2000s played a hipster Mac computer in Apple Inc. advertisements knocking PCs, has switched sides for a new digital ad campaign from Intel Corp. This tactic could help Intel break through the clutter for people who remember the earlier Apple campaign, according to Robert Passikoff. By Nat Ives, The Wall Street Journal.

Posted 2021-03-17

The New Paradigm Shift: Why Business As Usual Won’t Cut It Anymore For Consumers And Employees

Robert Passikoff discusses the differences between the old and the new paradigms and ways companies can make the shift to cultivate customers and set up their employees for success and happiness — techniques that will fuel the growth of their business for the long term. By Caitlin Strempel, Forbes.

Posted 2021-03-16

Lowe’s marketing chief on the permanence of DIY habits, purpose and the American Dream

Will strong home improvement sales continue when we are all freed from our homes? Lowe's “Home to any possibility” campaign is meant to continue to inspire the do-it-yourself culture that has taken hold. Robert Passikoff suspects that this could be an uphill battle after the world opens up and people can get out and about again. By Kenneth Hein, thedrum.

Posted 2021-03-09

The maker of a $2,995 home gym is opening up shops in Nordstom stores

Robert Passikoff discusses the launch Tonal mini shops inside Nordstrom stores. By CNN Newsource.

Posted 2021-03-01

Mr. Potato Head drops the mister, sort of

Robert Passikoff is asked about the strategy behind this decision. By Joseph Pisani, Star Tribune.

Posted 2021-02-25

Trump’s politics hurt his businesses. Will he sell as he looks to a potential 2024 campaign?

Robert Passikoff discusses the future of Trump, the "human brand." By David A. Fahrenthold, Josh Dawsey and Jonathan O'Connell, The Washington Post.

Posted 2021-02-24

Trust Surges For Brand Biden

An examination of a recent Brand Keys tracking study that looked at trust among media brands. by Joe Mandese, MediaPost Marketing: Politics Weekly.

Posted 2021-02-22

Gorilla Glue sales skyrocket after Tessica Brown hair saga

Robert Passikoff comments on this event. By Yaron Steinbuch, NY Post

Posted 2021-02-19

Top Brand Experts Identify 5 Critical Issues Facing Bank Marketers

Robert Passikoff is one of the two brand experts discussing five broad areas that bank and credit union marketers must address. By Bill Streeter, The Financial Brand.

Posted 2021-02-04

The 2021 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index

Customer brand loyalty has survived the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which imposed a severe stress test on brands, according to the 2021 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index

Posted 2021-01-29

Hyundai, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Kia Earn High Loyalty Marks

Hyundai, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Kia are among the automotive brands that have weathered the COVID-19 pandemic and are faring well in terms of loyalty, per Brand Keys' 2021 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. By Tanya Gazdik, MarketingDaily, MediaPost.

Posted 2021-01-26

Engagement and Meeting Expectations Are Keys to Pandemic Survival, Brand Keys Finds

Customer brand loyalty survived COVID-19, which imposed a severe stress test on most companies, according to Brand Keys' 25th annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. The 2021 national survey found that while the pandemic claimed many business and brand fatalities, customer loyalty was not among them. By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com.

Posted 2021-01-25

Emotional Engagement Fuels Fiercest Loyalty For Amazon, Dick's, Trader Joe's

Brand Keys' 25th annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index shows how some brands sailed through the COVID-19 stress test by enhancing brand-to-consumer emotional engagement and meeting customers' expectations. By Sarah Mahoney, MediaPost's Marketing Daily.

Posted 2021-01-25

How brands are navigating the ‘riskiest Super Bowl ever’

Participating in this year's Super Bowl could be the riskiest play of all. While some of the biggest brands are sitting out, others are ready to step up and be the winners. Robert Passikoff offers some advice for those brands that are running Super Bowl ads. TheDrum, by Kenneth Hein.

Posted 2021-01-21

Trump’s D.C. Hotel Enters Biden Era With Brand in Tumult

Bloomberg, by Patrick Clark and Alex Wittenberg

Posted 2021-01-15

Fiverr CMO on its first Super Bowl spot: ‘we’re aspiring to be one of the biggest brands’

Discussing Fiverr's decision to run a spot on this year's Super Bowl, Robert Passikoff says "The timing couldn’t be better for Fiverr. They seem to be the right solution for the problems folks are facing now." TheDrum, by Kenneth Hein

Posted 2021-01-12

After Capitol violence, Trump brand partners eye dumping toxic asset: The President

"He was one of the strongest human brands we had ever seen," Robert Passikoff said. "The guy burned his bridges." NBC News, by Ben Popken

Posted 2021-01-11

Trump Brand Gains Value For TV, Entertainment Businesses, Declines For Other Marketers

President Donald Trump's brand -- as it relates to added advertising value -- has dropped among some major Trump-centric category brands, according to Brand Keys. MediaPost, Television News Daily, by Wayne Friedman.

Posted 2020-12-07

RadioShack cheats death, again, as brand gets another shot online

Robert Passikoff is not sure whether being an iconic brand is enough to guarantee that Radio Shack's relaunch will be a success. Chicago Tribune, by Matt Ott.

Posted 2020-11-24

Performance-Driven SocialCode Rebrands To Code3, Reflecting Consumer Attitude Shifts

Robert Passikoff discusses the rebranding effort. MediaPost, by Laurie Sullivan.

Posted 2020-10-22

Brand Loyalty is Changing Due to The Pandemic

Robert Passikoff discusses why shoppers are buying brands other than their preferred brands out of necessity during the pandemic. Fortune, by Chris Morris.

Posted 2020-10-21

2020’s Top Brands Ranked by Customer Loyalty

Results of this year’s Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders List. Marketing Charts.

Posted 2020-10-16

Do-It-Yourself Presidential Engagement Evaluation

Like most things in life, loyalty/engagement metrics can be used as a leading-indicator of consumer and voter behavior. MediaPost, by Robert Passikoff.

Posted 2020-10-08

Measuring & Leveraging Brand Loyalty

If you thought that brand loyalty was an esoteric measure of how customers "feel" about certain products, then you only had a very small view of the importance of these metrics and the breadth of the ways they can be used. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-10-05

Amazon Leads Overall and Retail Category in 2020 Loyalty Leaders List

Highlights from Brand Keys 24th Annual Loyalty List of 100 brands, encompassing multiple industries. WWD, by Lisa Lockwood.

Posted 2020-09-24

Shakeup In Loyalty Land: Hello, Clorox. So Long, Chick-fil-A

A new Brand Keys’ report on shifts in brand loyalty offers a closer look at how consumers favor brands that give them what they need during the pandemic -- and shake off those that don’t. MediaPost, by Sarah Mahoney.

Posted 2020-09-23

REPORT: The Consumer Trust Index Points (Way) South

More than one third of Americans (35%) have indicated that they have virtually no trust in a promised COVID-19 vaccine, and was the critical finding in the 9th wave of coronavirus consumer sentiment research conducted by TheCustomer, Brand Keys, and Suzy. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-09-22

Smirnoff, yay. LinkedIn, boo. How COVID-19 changed people's feelings

The coronavirus and working from home have completely altered the way people live. It's also changed the way people feel toward certain brands, according to a comprehensive new study. ZDNet, by Chris Matyszczyk.

Posted 2020-09-18

Some Blue-Chip Brands See Loyalty Drop Precipitously During Pandemic, Survey Finds

As consumers absorb the disruptive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brand Keys' Brand Loyalty Leaders List suggests perceptions are shifting around which brands deserve loyalty and attention. MarketingDive, by Aaron Baar.

Posted 2020-09-17

REPORT: Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders 2020 Announced

TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-09-16

Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders 2020 Report

Wise Marketer.

Posted 2020-09-14

Jeep, Amazon, Walmart Most Patriotic Brands

This year’s list includes some dramatic changes. More than a quarter (26%) are new to the list including Clorox, Netflix, Zoom, Domino's, Purell and Campbell's. MarketingDaily, by Tanya Gazdik.

Posted 2020-08-25

Three in ten have become Pandemic Pessimists

The new normal won't be normal for at least six months. The Best Customer Guide, by Peter Clark.

Posted 2020-08-18

Coronavirus Anticipation Index V.2 – August, 2020

By indexing the changes in anticipation for 21 key activities over time, American consumers are showing us when they think it will be ok to go back into the water. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-08-14

In Joe We Trust: The Other Guy, Not So Much

The latest finding of Brand Keys Media Trust Tracker, indicates that the trust Americans imbue in Joe Biden's presidential brand, the Democratic contender's trust rating has moved up six percentage points. MediaPost, by Joe Mandese.

Posted 2020-08-12

TV News Networks Approach Parity As Trusted Brands

The major network news organizations are approaching parity — and at relatively high levels. MediaPost, by Joe Mandese.

Posted 2020-08-11

The Technology 202: Can TikTok make Microsoft cool again?

Microsoft is considering purchasing Chinese-owned TikTok. What might that mean for Microsoft? And for TikTok? The Washington Post, by Heather Kelly.

Posted 2020-08-07

Survey Reveals Most Patriotic Brands in America

If a brand can establish an emotional connection with consumers with a value as powerful as patriotism, it guarantees consumers will engage more strongly and behave more-positively toward the brand. TheCustomer.

Posted 2020-08-05

Can you guess what Fox News and Netflix have in common?

Clorox, Netflix, Purell, and Zoom are considered among the most patriotic brands in the United States, according to the annual Brand Keys consumer survey. Fast Company, by Zlati Meyer.

Posted 2020-08-04

The Coronavirus Anticipation Index – July, 2020

By indexing the changes in anticipation for 21 key activities over time, American consumers are showing us when they think it will be ok to go back into the water. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-07-21

The North Face, REI, Patagonia Unfriend Facebook

The group charges that Facebook allowed “incitement to violence against protestors fighting for racial justice,” that it made Breitbart News a “trusted news source” and the Daily Caller a “fact-checker,” despite records of working with known white nationalists and neo-Nazis. Marketing Daily, by Sarah Mahoney.

Posted 2020-06-21

Anheuser-Busch's Babe Canned Wine Is Growing Up Fast, Via Ecommerce

The canned sparkling wine category is going gangbusters. Marketing Daily, by PJ Bednarski.

Posted 2020-06-18

The COVID-19 Lifestyle Changes Survey – What We’ve Learned So Far

A look back over what we've learned about our lifestyles and ourselves since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-05-14

Survey: The First Thing People Are Going To Do After Quarantine

We surveyed American consumers on the first activities they are most looking forward to after quarantine restrictions are lifted. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-05-07

'Fake News' President's 'Trust' Falls To Lowest Level Yet, Lags Biden 4-to-1

Marketing: Politics Daily, MediaPost, by Joe Mandese.

Posted 2020-05-05

Covid-19 Consumer Behavior Reaches Saturation Levels 60 Days In

We seem be reaching a behavioral plateau of sorts. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-05-04

COVID-19 Lifestyle Tracker: Toilet Paper & Movies

Two months into the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Lifestyle Survey points to sheltering-in becoming routine, continued nervousness about TP, and lots of movies. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-04-22

COVID 19 Lifestyle Tracker: We’re Having More Sex

SURVEY UPDATE: 45 Days Into the Coronavirus Pandemic Sees Significant Changes In Consumer Activities. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-04-15

As Video Conferencing Becomes the Norm, Some Question Whether It's Hurting Business

"This new paradigm has become the new normal, and what you're seeing is the Venn diagram of public personas and private personas," says Robert Passikoff. "It sets up a very interesting opportunity to judge people in ways that you probably never thought about." By Robert Klara, Adweek.

Posted 2020-04-07

SURVEY: How Coronavirus is Changing the American Lifestyle

National survey tracks 18 consumer lifestyle activities affected by Coronavirus and it's effects on day-to-day lives of Americans. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-04-04

Papa John’s future was bleak in 2018—here’s how the company is coming back from the brink

By Marilyn Haigh, CNBC.

Posted 2020-02-26

'Trust' Reaches A High For All TV News Brands, Except One

In the aftermath of the presidential impeachment, all of America's leading TV news brands have reached their highest measure of trust since Brand Keys began tracking it for MediaPost in the summer of 2018. Except one. By Joe Mandese, MediaPost Marketing: Politics Weekly.

Posted 2020-02-25

Konica Minolta Leads in Brand Loyalty for Thirteenth Consecutive Year


Posted 2020-02-12

Understanding Consumer Complexity: Q&A With Brand Keys' Passikoff

Dr. Passikoff says, “Consumers don't say what they think and they don't do what they say. Their decision-making is more emotional than rational.” To deal with this phenomenon, Passikoff developed Brand Keys which offers, among other studies, a syndicated annual brand assessment survey called The Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. By Charlene Weisler, MediaPost Media Daily News.

Posted 2020-02-04

Brand Loyalty Drivers are Growing, More Complex

Brand loyalty is growing – not shrinking.  But brand loyalty drivers are also becoming more complex and harder to sustain. TheCustomer.

Posted 2020-01-29

Bev/Al Brand Loyalty Increases.

"Loyalty drivers are predominantly driven by consumers’ attitudes and desires, much of which is unarticulated and virtually all of which is emotionally-based,” says Dr. Passikoff. By Donna Whitaker, Kane's Beverage News Daily.

Posted 2020-01-29

Amazon, Netflix, MSNBC, Fox News, Google among top 20 loyalty brands: study

Amazon, Netflix, MSNBC, Fox News, Google and WhatsApp are among the media companies in the top 20 loyalty brands, according to Brand Key's annual Customer Loyalty Engagement Index for 2020. By Joe Concha, The Hill.

Posted 2020-01-28

Loyalty drivers grow complex as consumers get more complicated, report says

Customer brand loyalty increased an average of 20% between 2019 and 2020, according to results of Brand Keys' new Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. By Diana Christie, Marketing Dive.

Posted 2020-01-28

The Politics of Consumer Sentiment: Changes in the Trump Brand

Since his election to the Presidency, the added-value the Trump name brings to consumer categories has ‘ping-ponged’ according to changes in the political landscape. TheCustomer.

Posted 2019-12-04

What Consumers Will Be Buying In 2020

Insight into the leading indicators that form a clear – and historically accurate – view of what’s ahead for 5 key categories: Airlines, Banks, Online Payment Services, Online Retailers, and Retail Apparel. TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista and Robert Passikoff.

Posted 2019-12-01