A Look at 2021’s Most Patriotic Brands in America

Watch the video of the interview with Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, and Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys, as they discuss the 2021 Brand Keys Most Patriotic Brands in America survey.

Posted 2021-07-20

A Look at 2021’s Most Patriotic Brands in America.

Listen to an interview with Robert Passikoff, on this podcast, "A Look at 2021’s Most Patriotic Brands in America." By Mark Johnson, Loyalty 360.

Posted 2021-07-20

TheCustomer News with Rafel Weigel – Episode 2

In this video, Special Guests Robert Passikoff of Brand Keys and Dave Frankland of Atlaas unpack this year’s Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index to understand the latest Brandscapes.

Posted 2021-02-03

The Trump Brand's Long And Winding Road

Robert Passikoff talks about the Trump brand with Bob Lederer, of Research Business Daily Report.

Posted 2021-01-22

Exclusive Look: 24th Annual Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders List

Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys Founder and President, gave Wise Marketer an early look at the report in this video interview with Bill Hannifin. Wise Marketer.

Posted 2020-09-15

Conversations with TheCustomer: Robert Passikoff on Measuring Patriotic Brands

TheCustomer, by Mike Giambattista.

Posted 2020-08-20

Consumer Research: Expectations and Loyalty

A video conversation with Bill Hannifin. Consumer expectations are constantly changing, and how well brands consistently meet consumer expectations will ultimately determine their success or failure. Wise Marketer.

Posted 2020-06-24

TheCustomer Podcast: Jillian Dimoff & Robert Passikoff (PART 2) – Customer Love

We take a crack at evaluating some well-known brands on the basis of how well they love their customers - as opposed to how well customers love them. TheCustomer.

Posted 2019-11-01

TheCustomer Podcast: Jillian Dimoff & Robert Passikoff – What keeps CMOs up at night?

Part one of a two-part conversation that took us to, among other places, the "best" places to gain customer insight and what's keeping CMOs up at night. TheCustomer.

Posted 2019-10-22