For Retail Brands, Loyalty is Stronger Than the Pandemic

Whether a brand survives uncertain circumstances like the pandemic comes down to how much loyalty the brand engenders with its customers.

Posted 2020-12-22

Passikoff: Brand Trends You Can Bank On In 2021

As marketing lore has proven, an ounce of insight ultimately turns out to be a real treasure.

Posted 2020-12-22

Brand & Marketing Trends For 2021

For the past 35 years, Brand Keys, has conducted a year-end examination of our independently-validated loyalty and engagement metrics from 100,000+ consumers who participated in our surveys.

Posted 2020-12-15

Passikoff: Brand Innovation is a Really Big Deal

When new brands do show up in our innovation survey it’s a big deal. A really big deal. Consumers’ views of innovation have become bigger deals these days because innovation has a very definite half-life.

Posted 2020-12-08

Passikoff: Black Friday is Getting a Little Grey

Tracking indicates Black Friday shopping has decreased over the past 10 years, replaced the rest of the year, pre-pandemic, with one in three consumers reporting shopping online at least daily.

Posted 2020-11-23

Passikoff: The Brand Engagement Silver Bullet

Today – market research-wise – the term “silver bullet” stands for a simple, immediate, seemingly miraculous triumph over a complicated problem – a kind of one-solution-fits-all-and-satisfies-everyone resolution. In the real world, in the real marketplace, among real consumers it rarely exists, because consumer complexity and category specificity usually impede a silver bullet’s velocity.

Posted 2020-11-10

Electoral Engagement Vote Is In: Biden 88%, Trump 74%

The Truth About How Voters See The “Ideal” President.

Posted 2020-10-26

Passikoff: DIY Presidential Prognostication

In this column I’m going to talk to you through D-I-Y Presidential Prognostication. Why? Because there’s a U.S. presidential election coming up. No, really. It’s been on all the news.

Posted 2020-10-13

Unobtrusive Measures: Passikoff on What Consumers Aren’t Telling You

No one should approach the temple of marketing research with the soul of an accountant.

Posted 2020-09-29

Loyalty Deniers: Passikoff on Winning Real Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty not only exists, but is a measurable, leading-indicator of brand profitability -- my response to recent article that expressed the opinion that, aside from fixated fans, there's no such thing as brand loyalty.

Posted 2020-09-15

Dying is Easy: Passikoff on Brand Differentiation

Do enough advertising and consumers will eventually become aware of your brand - but awareness alone is the longest route to profitability.

Posted 2020-08-31

Look down the Road: Passikoff on Consumer Values

Consumers are pretty much unable, and often unwilling, to articulate the kind of meaningful consumer values that allow you to get a good look down the road.

Posted 2020-08-17

Goya-Gate: Passikoff on Brands and Politics

Research has shown consumer brands are – or should be – apolitical. I’m talking politics, not Corporate Social Responsibility. There’s a difference. The minute your brand takes a political stand, one group of consumers or another is going to hate you. Not sometimes. Not often. Always!

Posted 2020-08-03

The Loyal Opposition: Passikoff on Market Research

Loyalty isn’t as nebulous as you might think. But it’s also not a lot of things.

Posted 2020-07-23

Likelihood of COVID-19 Brand Survival Correlates 6X With Brand Loyalty

Retailing has changed dramatically over the past decade but loyalty has always been a leading-indicator of positive customer behavior toward a brand.

Posted 2020-07-16

Consumer expectations explode (again)

Consumer expectations are up again. A lot. Why should that matter to marketers? Because “expectations” are a key determinant of customer loyalty, marketing success, and brand profitability.

Posted 2020-07-13

Chuck E Cheese Needs Some Pizza Love During The Pandemic

Chuck E Cheese Needs Some Pizza Love During The Pandemic.

Posted 2020-06-19

If There’s No Experience, Is Starbucks Still Starbucks?

Starbucks has re-opened, but you can’t enter the stores, you can’t sit down, and you certainly can’t linger. So, what’s the difference between Starbucks and a corner coffee cart or a diner pick-up?

Posted 2020-06-08

Is Starbucks still Starbucks?

Now that the pandemic has forced Starbucks to change its operating model, Brand Keys' Robert Passikoff wonders what's the difference between Starbucks and a corner coffee cart? Fast Casual.

Posted 2020-06-04

How To Avoid Bankrupting Your Brand or What Happened to JC Penney?

According to the 2020 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, J.C. Penney has been #8 (of 8 sector brands we track) when it came to customer loyalty for the past 4 years.

Posted 2020-05-26

How to Avoid Bankrupting Your Brand

It’s an unfortunate byproduct of the COVID-19 crisis. Ill health of and the ultimate passing of brands. Business2Community, by Robert Passikoff.

Posted 2020-05-22

Did Fading Brand Loyalty Foreshadow J. Crew’s Chapter 11?

The January 2020 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index ranked J. Crew # 19 out of 20 Retail Apparel brands they tracked for sector loyalty.

Posted 2020-05-11

Loyalty a leading indicator of J. Crew Chapter 11 filing

The combination of an overly-intense focus on fashion while taking their eyes off the quality-for-value portion of the equation has resulted in a mass loss of loyal customers. SME News, by Robert Passikoff.

Posted 2020-05-08

Coronavirus and Your Brand Strategy

My take - and advice - on how brands need to manage through the current coronavirus crisis is much-needed perspective right now.

Posted 2020-03-30