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About Brand Keys

Your Marketing Partner

Brand Keys is a consultancy. As such, we enter into a consultative relationship with our clients, and no two relationships are the same. That being said, what’s consistent is our knowledge of the values that drive customer loyalty and engagement in a brand’s category. From there, it is a straightforward step to formulating every type of brand and marketing initiative, from creative direction to communications strategies to packaging to strategic planning all the way to re-tooling a product or service. And because in the real world budgets are limited, our measures make it easy to allocate budgets and decide which initiatives are necessary immediately and which can wait, or even be ignored.

Powerfully Predictive Measures of Customer Loyalty

We capture today’s fast-moving, increasingly emotional consumer values, providing brands with predictive and strategic findings that can increase ROI, sales and profitability.  Our research identifies what drives customer loyalty and helps brands transform their target market into loyal customers. Brand Keys’ proprietary, consumer-centric system goes far beyond any traditional methodology, providing clients with measures that are powerfully predictive of consumer behavior.

Brand Keys studies are used both exclusively by our clients, and also as an augment to existing research programs with brand-based, leading-indicator assessments.

Clients have successfully applied our metrics to areas that do not strictly fall under the rubric of what drives customer loyalty in a category, including creative direction and execution, brand strategy and tracking, packaging, and competitive intelligence planning.

Customer Loyalty: A Leading Indicator of Profitability

Customer loyalty boosts profits and future revenue streams. 
● An increase in customer loyalty of only 5% can lift lifetime profits per customer by as much as 95%.

● An increase in loyalty of just 2% is, in some sectors, equivalent to a 10% cost reduction.

Grow Your Brand According to the Rule of Six

Loyal customers are six times more likely to:
  • Engage with your brand.
  • Pay attention to your marketing and advertising messages.
  • Think better of you
  • Buy (and re-buy) your products or services
  • Resist competitive appeals (attribute, benefit or dollar-based)
  • Recommend your product or service to others
  • Invest in your company (if it’s publicly traded)
  • Give your product or service the benefit of the doubt in uncertain situations

Brand Keys Solutions

With Brand Keys assessments, you’ll know which messages will work for your brand and which will not. In addition to identifying what will differentiate your brand from the competition, we’ll also identify what consumers are willing to believe about the brand. These insights and assessments can be applied to any marketing effort to guarantee engagement, understanding, and motivation.

Brand Keys Solutions can include:

  • Predictive Category Dynamics
  • Brand Differentiation Measures
  • Loyalty and Engagement Metrics
  • Brand Health Assessments
  • Multi-channel Digital Strategy
  • Brand Extension Evaluations
  • Shopper Insights
  • Customer Experience Evaluations
  • Competitive Intelligence/Brand SWOT Analyses
  • Communications and Concept Development
  • Communications and Advertising Testing
  • Brand Ideation and Innovation Development
  • Media Engagement and Optimization
  • Partnership and Sponsorship Evaluations
  • Brand Architecture Development
  • Easily integrated with existing brand and tracking research

Products & Solutions

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