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A brand should always know its core values and meaning, and believe in their proposition well enough to convincingly articulate it to consumers.

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Brand Keys is the only research consultancy in the world that specializes in uncovering what makes customer loyalty happen, providing the psychologically-based metrics that accurately predict future consumer behavior in a category. This independently-validated approach enables companies to anticipate a rapidly changing marketplace, and focus on what truly drives consumer engagement with brands.

Brand Keys You Tube Channel
The Brand Keys methodology, applications and case studies now in an animated version.As much as we would like to personally chat with everyone, we know the time pressures that make that harder than ever. To check out animations of what we do, how we do it, and to see actual results, click here to visit our You Tube channel.
What Happened?
We looked at how closely what we said—based on our predictive metrics—in our blog, The Keyhole, and in our Forbes column, matched up with results in the marketplace. In short, to see what happened. Listen in on results in categories from smartphones to beer, retailers to cars; about cautious brands and patriotic brands.Click here to listen.

The results of our 2014 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index are available.  Please click here for more information.

WHAT HAPPENED? Recordings of stories matching Brand Keys predictions to marketplace results:

The Certainty PrinciplePredicting Market Success
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