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Our 6th annual Most Innovative Tech Brands survey found consumers’ identification with brands and innovation continues to broaden and transform categories.

The 21st century may not have delivered on the promise of flying cars, but it is clearly meeting its potential in better meeting consumers’ technological innovation expectations – including, for example, the concept of self-driving cars.

Top-5 most-innovative brands were:

  1. Amazon
  2. Apple
  3. Google
  4. Netflix
  5. Samsung

For the remaining 15 tech innovators – six of which were new to the top-20, some very surprising – click here. Each new brand that enters our list stands for something that advances the category in which they compete, responds to consumer expectations, and provides a lot of consumer-to-business crossover.

Three brands fell off this year’s top 20: Facebook, Buzzfeed, and Line, and are proof of this year’s bottom line: Consumers have come to see innovation and change as an expectation within virtually every category and want it now!

And, it’s the wise brand that remembers it’s not about having ideas any more.

It’s about making ideas happen!


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