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You can’t just say, “We’re all in it together” or “Black lives matter” without doing something! It’s not that easy! Consumers expect you to do something! Expectations are hopes & dreams. Brands that best meet those hopes and dreams always see better reactions  from consumers. And sales, loyalty, and profits. But none of that is easy either.

The “Oil Spill” Effect:

Expectations are like oil spills. They don’t stay in one spot. They spread. Categories are different, sure, but categories are not insulated. No category remains unaffected. Expectations seep from one category to another. In this instance the coronavirus, the killing of George Floyd, the protests, and the Post Office all contributed to the current significant expansion of expectations.

Want to know how? Read this.

Consumers Want More!

Consumer expectations – a critical indicator of loyalty and profitability – are up +37% YOY. How well a brand meets them always determines success or failure. The 5 categories with the largest expectation growth are:

  • Pharmaceutical Companies (+61%)
  • Pharmacies (+61%)
  • Household Cleaning Products (+59%)
  • Health & Hygiene Products (+57%)
  • Self Defense [Guns] (+54%)

What happened in your category?

For a free analysis of how much expectations have increased in your category, contact Leigh Benatar at After all, we’re all in this together.

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