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I’m sure you’ve heard this from friends, relatives, colleagues, and/or news pundits, about pros and cons of COVID-19 vaccination brands:

“Moderna is only 94.1% effective.”

“Pfizer is 95% effective in clinical trials but you need two shots.”

“Moderna needs two jabs too. Three weeks apart. Shorter than the Pfizer shots.”

“Pfizer is 86% effective in people 65+.”

“Do you know anyone who got AstraZeneca?”

“The Johnson & Johnson shot kills people!”

That last one, not strictly speaking. But when it comes to brands – drug brands at that – being literally under a consumer-microscope can be problematic.

We invite you to take a look at some COVID-19 brand insights that appeared in Quirks this week.

Scientists developed these successful vaccines incredibly quickly. And that’s good, even great. But one thing is incredibly clear too. The use of the word “successful” is going to be dependent upon the vaccine’s efficacy and reputation.

And its brand name.

Be well and safe.


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