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So, who do you think is the most patriotic brand and age cohort?

Consumers’ top two-box self-assessments (“Extremely” or “Very”) looked like this and were consistent across gender and political affiliation:

Baby Boomers         85%

Gen X                        68%

Millennials                53%

Gen Z                         42%

When it came to brands, our annual survey identified a dramatically re-drawn list. Here’s msn and 24/7 Wall Street’s take on this year’s top-50 most-patriotic brands.

Brands entering the top 50 included Gibson, J. Crew, Old Navy, Pepsi, and Under Armour. Brands that missed making the list this year were Airbnb, GE, the NFL, and Facebook. For some thoughts regarding the victors and the vanquished, take a look at our full release here.

Most of Brand Keys’ work focuses on for-profit brands. But each year we assess our armed services too – The Coast Guard, Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy.

Consumers of all persuasions and self-perceptions ranked all the armed services #1 again this year. We recognize that acknowledgment and thank them for their service.

And we wish all of you too a safe and patriotic Independence Day.


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